Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weathering away...

In January last year, I popped some old folded books out into the garden to watch what happened to them.  A year or so later I have captured their transformation and some of the friends they have made in that time.

Looking fresh and crisp.

We have had soaking rain on a daily basis  for about 3 weeks now and the books are showing signs of living in the sub-tropics.





Curling and protecting.

I love the look in this skink's eye!

Two of them at play.

I wonder how long it will take for them to completely disintegrate?

Three very different looking books from where we began.

 They sit outside the sliding door of my studio and I walk by them on a daily basis. It was nice to stop and focus on them for a little while and think back to what they were once - a pristine book to be read; then a sculptural book for inside; now a garden sculpture gradually disappearing.


  1. What a lovely meditation on the weathered books...such amazing (and different!) lives they've had. And good materials always weather so interestingly. It's wonderful to see them "interacting" with the native critters as well. (I wonder what they make of them?!)

    1. Thanks Lisa - it has been a delightful process to observe the weathering and the changes - the locals seem quite enamoured of them I think, and most comfortable indeed!


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