Tuesday, March 8, 2016


A long time ago my dad gave me some words he liked and said he wondered if I could do something with them.  This piece of paper stayed on post in the studio for about a year I think.

The notes on it seem to say I was thinking of making a weathergram with it.

Then I decide I would make a small piece for him - just to see if he liked it.

This piece is only 21cm (h) x 11cm (w).  I wrote it with white pencil and created little holes.

We talked about it and both thought it would be better to expand on the words a bit  and make it seem more like the spoken word rather than a thought. Dad also asked if it could be written so that he could read it better!

So I wrote it out on larger piece of paper (32cm h x 26cm w), in white gouache this time.

This is the first draft, with some centring issues, so I didn't cut any holes in it. I did do another one and it is now at the framers for him.

The next step in this piece's evolution is to create a letterpress version...stay tuned.

Whilst on the theme of evolution, I thought I'd share the results of an afternoon's work in our office.

A while ago Barry and I decided that we would create a wall of small things in our office, so that we could continue to buy small works of art. We really love having the work of friends and people we know, and those we don't, keep us company when we are work-working.  On Monday we collected eight pieces from the framers and set about hanging them.  It is a lovely evolution I think.

Not easy to get photos straight on as there are tables and chairs and desks in the way, and loads of louvred windows to create glare on glass, but lovely to have them with us as we work.


  1. nice quote for your dad , love your wall of so many arts

    1. Thanks Kate - Dad provided the words, and yes I love that wall of small things!


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