Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it". 

Hannah Arendt

The subtlety in this is divine.  I think more and more I am coming enjoy the things that are gently revealed, rather than those that are thrust upon me.

I like the layering and the hints and the sometimes ambiguity of books and storytelling. I love reading a really good book that has so much in it that it is well and truly up to me to discover the story and the meanings.  Just asking myself the question - what was that about? can make me think more deeply and link things that I hadn't previously connected. And then I love talking about the same book with somebody else and discovering many more things that had lain undiscovered by me.

Perhaps I just don't like things that are too obvious.

And then, I thought to myself I feel exactly the same way about art.



  1. what a good quote, here's Emily Dickison's slant
    "Tell all the truth but tell it slant,

    Success in circuit lies,

    Too bright for our infirm delight

    The truth's superb surprise;


As lightning to the children eased
With explanation kind,

    The truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind."

    1. Isn't that just perfect Mo? The truth must dazzle gradually...
      I really like it.

  2. Another perfect quote and ponderings thereupon!

  3. Indeed! Here's to lots of lovely layers, and discovering them at one's own pace...and even more through the eyes of others when the mood strikes!
    P.S. I love all of the layers of paper patterns piled on top of one another...


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