Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Calligraphic Signage

A year or so ago, Barry and I and Noela and Edith-Ann worked together to make and install beautiful artworks in our local Maleny IGA supermarket, and I wrote the storyboards that told the story of the artwork and the place in which we live.

 Recently Rob, the owner, asked me to do some more storyboards – to tell the story of the local timber that was used for the fruit bins, and to let folk know about the original floorboards that were uncovered during the renovations.

It is such an honour to be able to contribute to our local history and storytelling; and to work with Rob and Sam who are such fabulous community supporters.

 So I wrote the stories of the bunya pine and the floorboards, checked they were OK, wrote them out in calligraphy and then did the graphics magic to them with vectorising etc and had them cut into engraving laminate.

One of the things I love most about this work is that the calligraphy still looks hand done. The engraving is an accurate replication of my hand; the way I wrote the words and slips and spills and wobbles that are mine. So much nicer I think than a computer-generated font, and I'm sure that is what Rob likes about it too.

 Over the weekend Barry and I installed the first four – the bunya pine stories of the fruit bins.

Next the floorboard signs, and then I have one more job to do for them before the end of the year, and another next year. I love how varied my art-life gets to be!

And don't the fresh fruit and veggies just look so enticing? Maleny IGA is the best.


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    1. Thanks Mo - it is great to be involved and have a supermarket hat wants to link to it's history, and loves art!

  2. I love that it is calligraphy. It looks beautiful and suits the lovely wood.


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