Sunday, October 2, 2016

Metal play!

Although I live with a metal worker, it's a bit like cobbler's children or the kids of doctors' - I don't often get to play with metal.

We managed to change that over the weekend during a visit by Caren Florance of Ampersand Duck fame. We picked Caren up for a flying visit (less than 24 hours) and decided we would spend some time hammering together.

Barry guided us through making a bowl and a brooch/scarf pin thing and by the end of the afternoon I was very happy with the results!

But back to the beginning - we started with metal tray and cut three disks out of it - one for B to show us what to do, and one each for us to play with.

Me hammering - love the elegant pinkie finger action!

I decided to hammer to a certain point and then leave a  simple plain border on the edge.

Whilst Caren hammered I mucked about finding scraps off Barry's bench to make a pin with

 Ready to go grind and polish on the wheel.

Taking off the rough edges...

And don't you love a machine that let's two of you work together?

Working closely with my tiny scrap of copper.

Ready for riveting and then riveted!


 And the finale of the day - birthday cake for Caren.


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.