Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Purple plus and a PS or two

As part of the commission I am doing for Melbourne, I need to work out what colours the words for the windows will be.

It is tricky being here, whilst the sign makers are there, and not being able to check and test colours.  So, I asked them to send me a few samples of vinyl to 'match' the purple that will be on the upholstery in the room, so I could see what might or might not work on windows.

I love how many stages I have to test and check in this piece of work! So many unfamiliar processes.

They arrived last week and I pasted them up on the windows here and there to see how the different light and different orientations to the sun would impact on the colour.

four samples with a smily note. They all look pretty purple and I think at this point that pretty much any of them would do the job.

I attached them to the kitchen window - it is north facing like the windows in Melbourne, altho it was early in the morning here. It is not easy to photograph from inside looking out into the light, so all the colours you see in the photos are a bit unreal.

I began to think the one on the left almost look black; which is not the look I was going for.

 In the afternoon I move them to western window to see if the light changes things.  The left hand one is still looking blackish

 With the sun streaming through them in the late afternoon, the one on the right starts to look bluer. The middle two are firming up as options.

But from another angle, the right hand middle one starts turning blue!

So I took them over to the shed studio - the glass over there isn't tinted or treated like the glass in the house windows.

And pretty much all I know from this is that I won't use the one on the far left.
I will use the left middle one, but the others are pretty tricky to choose between.

This may actually form part of the decision as well - this is how the middle right one looks when you look through it - it offers a bit of transparency.You can clearly see the outlines of trees and the shadows of posts.

 Whilst the far right one offers no real transparency - but lovely blobby images!

Decisions, decisions.

And a late postscript PS.

Over the weekend I won the Printmaking Prize at Kenilworth Art Show with my piece Under Construction V.  Here I am collecting it today and photographing the evidence.

 And the judge's comments which were very nice. Little happy dance!

And another late addition PPS - good grief I could have planned this better...

Just found this link to another piece Under Construction IV which is a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Local Artist Local Content Prize! Barry's there as well...it's all happening....


  1. ooo congrats on the 'constructions' --- and don't sweat the vinyl too much (yes this is EXACTLY what I used to get up to with that Roland I spoke of a few posts ago) .... I'm sure when the vinyl becomes lettering it will all work out splendidly xxxx

    1. Thanks for your support Ronnie - apologies for the lengthy delay! Apparently the vinyl has been cut - we install in a week or so, eek!

  2. Well done for the good news bits rolling in!
    Look forward to seeing how your vinyl letters turn out.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. congratulations & enjoying all the decisions!

    1. Thanks Mo! The decisions are intriguing and amazing - so interesting to realise there are so many, on so many levels...who knew??? Go well.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Cat - it does all get a bit excitement at times! Go well.

  5. Love the attention to detail with the vinyl and know you will pick the right colour and finsh. Congrats too on the prize! How cool is that? And now you're in the running for another! Good on you.

    1. Ahh Lesley - thanks. I was happy re the prize and pleased to be a finalist. The vinyl decisions are so many, but hopefully it will be worth it. Go well.


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