Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nothing But The Print!

As our final exhibition and event for the Print Council of Australia's 50th Anniversary, our organising team for the PCA's events is holding a small exhibition in the Window Gallery at the Pine Rivers Gallery.

It is a gorgeous space and an extra benefit, it is 'open' 24 hours a day!

We called it Nothing but the Print and each of us simply offered up 2-3 works with no theme or instructions. I had been thinking about it as a display (given we had no theme or coherent plan) but you know, I think it looks like a beautiful boutique exhibition!

Tory, Susan and I headed south to deliver the works and help with the installation. Here we are laying out works thinking about what works, what goes with what, what will fit where etc.

Two of Jo's lino prints.

One of Cathy's pieces was 3-D within a frame, so we tested whether it could sit on the easel and be brought closer to the window so folk could see. We liked it that way!

Saffron's Sanguine Arcs waiting to be hung...

Judy had done some beautiful prints on hand-made paper bowls; protesting the detention of refugees.
Displayed on the mirror they really looked beautiful. and made you want to explore them...

My book Lost for Words.

Susan's Tidings of Magpies.

Tory's Bonded.

Steph's The Bower.

Karl did a great job installing - and he will do a little bit of magic with lighting and and an extra plinth and will straighten everything to perfection; but when we left yesterday afternoon we were pretty pleased with how it was looking.

And just because I think it looks great - here's the window again!


  1. What a great (and unusual) space. Looks like a fabulous exhibition

    1. Thanks Jac - it is a stunningly beautiful, small, unusual space! Lucky us.

  2. Replies
    1. Pretty cool hey Mo? I love how it worked out - the space feels custom made made for the works, and the works seem made for it too - a serendipitous outcome!

  3. That display looks so stylish and just draws you in to look at it. Good luck with the exhibition to one and all.

    1. Thanks Lesley - funny - I said just that afterwards - if I were walking by that would catch my eye and make me want to go and have a deeper look...glad you like it!


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