Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hearts at home...

My heart is at home, even though I won't be.

Funnily enough, I think my heart is also in the Highlands of Scotland and that is where we'll be for a while as the cottage calls.

On the weekend, I wandered the block to remind myself of its beauty and all the special things about home, and compiled these images of hearts we have around the place...

Now at the front door, some paper hearts made by Lesley in Wales.

Still love this one which I see each time I go out the front door.

Barry knows I love having hearts around (discretely) and made three for me that are rusting away.

The little one on a block of timber.

One of my faves - a wee rock heart at the base of a tree.

This one could be wishful thinking, but I saw a heart in there!

And a fine one to finish on...rusty clay heart.

So my heart is at home both here and there...I think I might need some to leave at the cottage too!


  1. Wishing you safe travel and happy times finding (or creating) some Highland hearts ...

    1. Thanks Liz, after battling the tech for a week Fingers are crossed we have it sorted. I have found 1 heart so far and am enjoying the search...go well.

  2. It is always good to go away - and always good to come home. Enjoy your time in the cottage.

    1. Thanks Jen, I agree wholeheartedly - both going away and returning are special; different but special! Go well.


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