Sunday, September 9, 2018

Peace peace peace

Its funny how when you are busy getting ready to go away, there is not much time for anything except all the necessaries. As such I didn't spend much time in this studio in the weeks before we went away, but I did manage to do a little bit of hand embossing.

Its never as crisp or tight as when I use the press, but it does offer a bit more flexibility.

I came across these old milk carton templates and this one was the beginning of the quote "peace is every step"by Thich Nhat Hahn.

I only wanted to use the peace bit because I had a heap of paper cut to bookmark size which I had prepared for my teaching in Gympie, but as soon as I laid ink on it it ran like wild, so I couldn't use it!

Note to self - embossing doesn't run.

Tools of the trade.

 Preparing to emboss.

 A couple down.

Patterns emerging.

I have decided to keep on making these bookmarks through September - a month not just a day of peace - and shall leave them here and there, maybe in the Library at Thurso!


  1. hand embossing...maybe not as crisp, but always lovely and make wonderful personal gifts

    1. So true Annick, some how it is still lovely because it shows the sense of hand made I think. Go well.

  2. I have lately been thinking of all the verbs that pair with peace, so this came to me as I read you post ...

    Raise peace

    And I love that you may be leaving them in a library

    1. Oh my Liz, that is a truly beautiful pairing. It offers so many ways of it coming into being...and yes, the Library will be home to a few of these next week I hope!

  3. enjoy your peace of paradise in Scotland!

    1. It truly is a peace of paradise Mo - I just love the big empty quiet places. Walking and seeing and being at peace is so good for the soul. Go well...


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