Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

“Never lie. Never say that something has moved you if you are still in the same place. You can pick up a book but a book can throw you across the room. A book can move you from a comfortable armchair to a rocky place where the sea is. A book can separate you from your husband, your wife, your children, all that you are. It can heal you out of a lifetime of pain. Books are kinetic, and like all huge forces, need to be handled with care.”

 Jeanette Winterson.

What can you say?  Jeanette Winterson cares deeply abut the power of words, of writing, of books and of reading and here she lets you know that books can change you.

I almost think she has been moved in these ways by books; that she has experienced the power of  a good book.  Those unexpected moments where you start in one place and end up way way out of your comfort zone.

Where you walk away going - wow.

For something that is usually quite still - sitting quietly and reading - you become aware that it can be kinetic; it can move; it can physically affect you.

The power of it.

The Bay at Armadale, Scotland.


  1. oh yes books do that and I love how a well loved book that has been read over and over is different every time!

    1. They are truly one of the most amazing inventions in so many ways! And Ms Winterson, she’s a force to deal with as well.

    2. Oh yes! I've just read The Reader (now I need to see the film), the beauty... the power... Definitely a kinetic book!!

  2. thanks. FIona, this is a perfect quote and i'm so glad you wrote this. so glad you are where you are right now...


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