Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A bit of this and that

Autumn is arriving and after wet and misty times, the sun is back and the blue sky is big.

Dawn on Monday morning from our back deck.

It was a really a busy weekend here on the mountain as our Celebration of Books team hosted live streaming events from the Sydney Writers Festival.

We are really happy that our small town is one of only about 40 places in the entire country who get to stream sessions from this major literary festival.

We began with Leigh Sales on Any Ordinary Day.

Followed up with Ben Quilty and his book HOME - drawing by Syrian refugee children.

I texted in a question and they asked it!!

Sunday saw Annabel Crabb talking to Nikki Sava, Samantha Maiden, and Sharri Markson about politics and journalism - fascinating stuff!!!

You really felt as if you were there.

And when we got home one morning, the sun was shining through the rear brake light of our car and illuminated this leaf - amazing.

 A mixed weekend of technology, books and nature.


  1. That leaf looks both unreal and super-real ... and that pop of intense green above it makes for an amazing composition

    1. Pretty wild wasn't it Liz? So lively for a dead leaf I thought! Go well.

  2. (((Fiona))) your view and that leaf are so beautiful, the Writers Festival totally slipped my field of perception this year!

  3. Thanks Mo - I love looking out across the valley - how lucky are we? The leaf was a moment of astonishment and the 6 session at the Writers Festival were brilliant - and there is always next year...go well.

  4. Diversity is good for us all. I am afraid things are much more mundane here.

    1. Thanks Penny - sometimes I like the mix of this and that and at others I feel too scattered and feel like I need to focus and fix on one thing! So even that's diverse I guess. Go well.


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