Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sewing creativity

With a variety of studio projects on the go, and some progress being made but not huge amounts, it is nice to have my sewing trundling along quietly in the background.

I had made a dress very early on in my sewing life and whilst the top half fitted beautifully, I thought the bottom half was a bit too voluminous and wasn't particularly flattering.

Nevertheless I still  liked the top half so thought I'd unpick and create a new top and see if I could salvage a skirt out of the bottom.

The top looks lovely - I debated a few times about what to add to lengthen it - simple, straight, diagonal, patterned, flimsy and in the end went for the plain jane version which suits me best.  I like the top and I wear it! The black panel is also crushed linen.

I fiddled with the skirt notion for bit, and came up with the idea of pleats at the top (front and back) and pleats at the bottom (front and back) as well as splits up the side so I could still stride out when I walked. Again, I think it worked and I enjoy wearing it - it has pockets in the sides still - yay.

And then I had help drafting this skirt off one I already owned. It fits really well and I love the added interest of the diagonal and the asymmetry (and the invisible zip). No pockets on this one tho. Might have to work out how to include them in my next one.

My project this week has been to make another apron like this one. I LOVE this pattern and wear it over a slim fitting black dress. In public. Never at home or the studio. So this is an off white beige linen one.

It has the BEST pockets.

And here is the latest one underway. Hard to photograph but a lovely grey linen with a white scribble.

I came across these tags and bought a pack and am now sewing them into all the clothes I make with pockets!

I finished the apron.

And a remnant became a scarf.  I must say the hour or so it took to fray the edges was beautifully therapeutic.


  1. oh my, how perfect ... I love those labels!

    1. Aren't they the best Liz? Pitch pocket perfect!!

  2. you make such elegant clothes, love that linen with the scribble!

    1. Thank you Mo - the scribble is fabulous and I wore it in Melbourne on Monday! Go well.

  3. Pocket placement is so important.And pocket size.
    You're on a roll!

    1. Pockets really do matter Dinah - and so good to have folk who agree! Go well


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