Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A different Go Girl!

A blog comment from Louise asking if I had ever made GoGirl! cards - like small business cards - made me think I should definitely have a go!

One of the things I like about my other Go Girl! work is the wood type - the honesty of it and the history of it being there in its marks, so I wanted to continue to use wood type if I could.  But of course, getting type and exclamation marks small enough to print on business cards was always going to be fun.

But I managed it, just!

So with a bit of left over ink, I added some white to the purple-black I had dreamed up and before I knew it I had a nice shade of purple to go forth and print with.

As ever, I use off-cuts from my nice papers to print on the business cards, a mix of this and that, and a nice mix of things I think.

I decided at the last minute to turn the 'o' around on the third one, and I think its sideways nature adds to the energy.

The wood type did its thing with the exclamation mark on this one - I love that you can see the notch that has been worn or chipped off.

I put one of each style in a bundle and tied the three with some lovely white habu thread and ta-da! There we have them.

Thanks Louise for the idea!

You can find the card sets over at deckled edge press


  1. Beautiful, I especially like the one with the o rotated. It would be lovely to give or receive one.

    1. They worked well Louise - thank you so much for the suggestion; I hope to send you some soon.


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