Sunday, June 16, 2019

10 year anniversary + giveaway

10 years.

I was surprised when I went looking a few months ago, to discover that on this day 16 June, in 2009, I posted my first blog post!

Here's a quick look at it...

Back in the day you could only add pretty small photos; and it was definitely brief, but it was a beginning. The subject was a collaboration amongst a few of us local artists.  It was the first time I worked with the words of a local poet Robyn; and in a lovely symbiosis I am working with her on another poetry book at the moment!

Nice to see that the relationship has blossomed and continued for a decade.

Also interesting to see that I was reporting on a workshop I ran; and this weekend I have again been teaching a workshop, this time in Toowoomba (and more on that soon).

So as part of my anniversary meandering I decided to take look at the blog post each year, that landed on or closest to the anniversary date.  Please bear with me as I take a decade-long wander down memory lane...

Here we are on  13 June 2010. This was the first year of A Letter a Week and I was nearly at the end of my first alphabet! That was a great project which ran over several years, culminating in a beautiful exhibition in 2013

The anniversary date coincided again and this is a Thursday Thought on 16 June 2011.  I began doing my Thursday Thoughts in July 2010 (here is my first thought!) and they have remained an enjoyable part of my blogging week.

In 2012, the closest date is Saturday 15 June with the opening of an exhibition I was the 'lead' in - Tread Lightly. The rainbow stack is taller now and hits the ceiling in our house; the book Learning my Lines is now in the collection of the Sunshine Coast University, some of the other works have been sold and generally speaking its fun to look back! Pictures can be bigger now.

In 2013 I must have realised I had a blog anniversary as I posted and offered a give-away on Sunday 16 June 2013. The blog post is about Susan Bowers and I getting together to work on some of our collaborative books - which formed part of our exhibition Pas de Deux in 2015.  We had a lot of fun getting together over the years to make and create 20 beautiful collaborative books which are now housed in a fabulous private collection in Melbourne. Ahhhh memories.

Tuesday 17 June 2014 saw me posting on sewing a skirt.  It seems very apt that I have picked upon a sewing post all those years ago, given it is now such a gorgeous part of my making life!

Tuesday 16 June 2015 saw me pottering about with hearts and hands - one of those blog posts not about making, but about noticing...

I still love hearts and hearts!

The anniversary date fell on another Thursday on 16 June 2016... Which makes sense in a way - Thursday Thoughts are after all, a weekly occurrence and the odds of them being the nearest blog post are not too long.  This one is about books and rain - both still a big part of my life!!!

How funny that I wrote about the frequency of Thursday Thoughts landing in the previous description - because here is another one on Thursday 15 June 2017! I love this kookaburra on one of our railings, looking so chill and relaxed.

Almost there - thanks for hanging in!

Here we are on Sunday 17 June 2018 - just last year, pottering about. It was interesting to see this post again as the first work featured never really went anywhere; the thank you cards all went and I made more like them; the bunches of flowers I was playing with have become an important design in my grief cards; and the touching base letterpress is also part of a series of four postcards. Just interesting.

So...thanks for your time and for your companionship along the way.  It hardly feels like a decade, but a decade it is.  I have enjoyed the world of the blog so much.  I have found and made wonderful friends (and even actually met some of them!!).  The generosity, care and kindness fo my blogging buddies is marvellous.

A couple of other really valuable things I have found from blogging - having a routine and commitment to blog has made me look at art differently, the gardena and the wider world differently - seeing beauty and noticing it and occasionally reporting on it.  It has also made me go and make art - because then I will have something to blog about!  In tight and weary times blogging has been an impetus to make - a lovely thing.  And lastly, but not leastly, paperponderings has become a record of my journey as a maker and creator.  Nearly all my main work can be found here one way or another and I love that it really is a bit like a diary of it all.

What a time I have had.

And now to the anniversary giveaway - I mean what would an anniversary celebration be without a give away???

So I am giving away one of my recent "Pockets are Political" posters.

To take part, I'd like you to leave me a comment telling me about a lovely moment of kindness you have experienced - somebody being kind to you, you observing a kindness by others; or of you doing a random act of kindness.  I think I'd like to hear about kindness...

To be in the draw, you need to leave a comment by 6pm AEST on Saturday 22 June 2019. I will then do a random number  generation and select the winner and let you know next Sunday 23 June 2019.

Thanks and go well, Fiona.


  1. Having just read Barry's anniversary post, I should have known you, too, would have one. The synchronicity of your art and writing with that of Rustnstuff is of a piece ... of a peace

    It's hard to single out but one "lovely moment of kindness" that I have experienced, but it's easy to single out the source: you yourself

    So I followed your "Peace" label ... scrolling through years of your artful offerings to the world ... the most recent five years so familiar, the earlier years (before I found my way here) a trove yet to be explored

    Our home has been graced by "too many poppies too many deaths" and "imagine peace" and "let peace be a conversation" and "keep on believing" ... more importantly, my own way of going in the world continues to be inspired by your generous example and thoughtful encouragement ... in short, by your incredible kindness

    Thank you for that inspiration and for your faithful presence here ... long may you continue to write and create ...

    1. hi liz, thank you for your lovely has been one of the joys of the interweb a and the blogging world that hearts and minds and kindred spirits can ind each other across the has been so enriching to 'meet' you this way! I still think blogging is like the slow food movement - it takes more time and goes deeper than drive thru takeaway, and yet I understand why folk have moved to a world of Instagram and photos not much text. Your writing and thinking has always been so valuable to ponder, to read and to better understand, and I am so glad you have found a permanent and safe place for your blog and words, and hope that we can continue to chat across the miles...go well F

  2. (((Fiona))) both you and Barry are such an inspiration with all the kindness you share in your art, getting to meet you in real life here in Sydney for the opening of the dream of a world where love is the answer especially with your badly broken toe, you were so brave to make the journey!

    1. Dear Mo, I can still recall you finding us somehow and sending through a token for the peace tree we had at the top of our driveway years seems to me that peace finds peace and in that way it may grow. How fortune are we to live in world of connection in this way, where the meeting in person is the exception and yet the ties that bind and hold us all are those of kindred spirits. One of my favourite things is the way you add words to my words - you find brilliant quotes that speak eloquently and pertinently to the something brother Iw as trying to explore or express - you add much to my pondering! Hopefully we shall meet again somewhere; but in-between times we meet at the well by the blog...go well F

  3. F - Can't quite believe how much has been achieved in that time. B

    1. I know, what a fantastic and fabulous time it has been - and what a great record to have of so many things!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Penny - it has been a varied ride for sure; and like Mo, it has been wonderful to actually 'meet' another blogging friend! The world of blog does bring us all a bit closer even tho we are so far apart. Go well, F

  5. congratulations on your 10th blogging anniversary ! Wow ! That's quite an achievement. And I hope to see and read blogs from you for at least 20 more years !

    1. Oh Annick - how mazing would it be if we were still blogging in 20 or 30 years! It has been wonderful to share art and thoughts and words across the miles and the languages - i always hope I have left comments in the right place - and to see what we each do far far away from each other, we still sneak peeks into the studio. Yay. Go well, F


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