Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Cards and more cards

One of our lovely local shops Maleny Additions has been selling my grief cards of late.  I was asked recently if I had any wedding cards?  Weddings remain big business up our way, so it would probably make sense given that folk often arrive for the weekend and buy the card on the day, so I thought about a few designs...

Aussies will probably get an ear-worm out of these ones!

And this sort of says it all without saying it too loud...

Then I was asked about baby cards - so I had a think about baby cards was well. I trialled smooth and textured paper - will be interesting so see which folk prefer.

And just because I like them, I made some (((hugs))) cards as well.

I am heading to Fibres West in July and will have a stall at the Bazaar there, so thought a bit of stock like this might be worth taking west as well.

Here they are all printed but still waiting to dry, have deckled edge press de-bossed onto their back and be illustrated.

So much production!


  1. love the "welcome to the world" card ... which would also make a great "happy birthday" card for those who have been in the world awhile

    1. So true Liz! A simple happy birthday would work well with the bunting.

  2. mass production, so it seems but they're lovely and cute !

    1. Thanks Annick - production was really on a roll...


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