Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Peace persisting

A few weeks on from International Day of Peace, it is nice to know that some of the peace weather-grams and doves are still holding dreams of peace.

The winds have been pretty strong at times so I have been amazed to wake and see them flying still; however they took a battering on the weekend and only one or two still fly...

The tradition of remnant string continues - perhaps there will be years of string on the barbed wire, like there is on the tree in Maleny...

We did manage to rescue most of them however; and they are now greeting us at our front door.

And the doves and weather grams and rocks have been used by folk to leave wee gifts at our door...

Here, Karen from Coast Coffee had gifted Barry some sea glass for him to take back and use in something...



  1. love seeing Peace flying free in the wilds of Scotland!

    1. And fly free it has Mo! they all ended up blown off, but we rescued most of them.


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