Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The coasters...

I mentioned before that art-wise, this trip has been a fair bit about preparation - making  things and testing things and setting in motion some ideas for artworks, without getting stuck in and actually producing much.

On the other hand, I had done a small bit of preparation before I left Australia, thinking it would be good to have a sewing project on hand whilst I was here; and because of function, I decided to make a set of six coasters by hand.

It was an organic process - I had my squares cut and trimmed, and I had my threads, but beyond that not much was known or planned.

I have enjoyed the practice of randomly stitching within a structure and with purpose; and have been focussed this week on getting them finished before we head back.

The last of the internals almost finished.

Six coasters with their patterns stitched.

The first of the borders which joins tops and bottoms.

A completed first border.

A second border underway...

A couple of two-border ones done; with a bit of fraying begun.

Ta-da. Six completed coasters.

So, there are 6 new coasters to leave at the cottage, and to be used when we next return.  Of course, as I look a them I can already see how I could add something more to them and it feels like I might have another wee project waiting for me on our next visit!

Even as I type, three of the coasters have a glass of red wine on them, so they are being used already. Good news.


  1. I LOVE these! Have you read Mending Matters? Beautiful techniques for mending. XO

    1. Thanks Amy - I haven't read that book sounds great. Apologies for my delayed reply - Blogger and my phone don't seem to play well together any more, sigh.

  2. nothing better than a glass of red ...

    and these turned out beautifully ... what fun it will be to return to them ...

    1. Agreed! Altho I also tested them out with some bubbles on our last night. They worked equally well! Its nice to have a little bit of handmade me over there....

  3. nice ! Must be nice knowing how to sew !

    1. Well, it was really all by guessing and good luck that I got there! They are made with simple running stitches in two directions and then back stitched on the borders; nothing too complicated!


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