Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

"Reading transforms the human brain, which transforms the mind, which transforms the life of every reader". 

Dr Maryanne Wolf and Dr Mirit Barzillai

There is a part of me that is interested by transformations from one thing to another.  For example, I recall how thrilled I was when I understand the notion that data when interpreted becomes information which when considered and applied becomes knowledge...

And so it appears to be for reading as well - that reading can impact the brain; which them impacts the mind which then impacts a life.  I wouldn't dare suggest I understand what the mind really is, but there is clearly something that makes it different to a brain. It is more than the brain, it is somehow very personal and it brings together extra elements.

To know that reading isn't just a process of data in data out; that it can and does affect an individual's view point and thoughts and perceptions is wonderful, and to realise how that can change lives - well yes!

Reading a landscape.

This image from Crask, looking over the amazing blanket bog of Sutherland, just seemed to say that this becomes that, then the next layer emerges, and you see beyond and then...



  1. I daresay the quote holds true when one substitutes writing for reading:

    "Writing transforms the human brain, which transforms the mind, which transforms the life of every writer".

    1. ooooh, I imagine that it does Liz! A deft and effective substitution. Smiling here.


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