Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Little bits of peace

So in amongst the heart-sickness of Roe v Wade, I was printing about peace. 

I finished the work and then decided to use up some ink and print white on white, overlaying the beautiful reminder:

We dream of peace, and peace dreams of us.

We are not alone in seeking peace; in fact peace is waiting for us to reach out to meet it. It wants to be with us as well.

This thought makes me feel less lonely about the continuing need to find peaceful resolutions, to join together in peace, to be able to live in harmony. (all sounds a little bit hippy dippy I know...).

So I continued to print it on scraps of paper, and make them into bookmarks, some worked better than others.

Keep on dreaming... and keep the dream alive.


  1. still I dare to hope ... to dream that peace and sanity might someday come to pass ... and then do something toward that end

  2. We must continue to dream, hope and work for peace. B


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