Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Open for business

We finally made it and had a great opening night on Saturday - lots of people and lots of friends joined us as we stepped forward onto the stage. This exhibition was another important marker for us as we build and grow our artistic side. We have both been in group exhibitions before but this time we were saying - OK, here we are, this is who we are and what we do - with nowhere to hide really.

We are both pleased that a number of pieces have sold and that a lot of folk have also said how much they enjoyed the quiet space. We were aiming for the room to be peaceful, still and restful and thanks to Ken's curating it appeared just so!

We were way too busy to take photos on the night - but here are a few of the space without people that we took today.

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  1. A stunning body of works of which I thoroughly enjoyed and was most privilaged to see.


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