Sunday, November 8, 2009

Planning an art future

Barry and I tend to work in a fairly incremental way with our art - we don't take off and explore new horizons without thinking; we don't drop everything and say 'that's it, we're going there, we're doing that'. Instead we tend to think about what we do, how we might take it forward, and do little steps. Perhaps we need to be bolder at times; but so far it's working for us.

Following our exhibition we thought it was time to review and explore where to next, so we sat and had a planning session (supported by Barry's famous homemade pizzas and a glass of red wine, so it wasn't a dreadful business type thing).

We worked our way thru a couple of mind maps (see below for some examples) and then today I have written it up more formally. We are pretty loose; no timeframes, no strategies, no milestones; but we do try to just explore things and test them and use these 'plans' as guides to what we do next. Knowing us several things will appear from out of left field as well that we will pursue enthusiastically; so a plan should always be flexible!

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  1. Fiona Has anyone told you LATELY, uh, rather TODAY, how INCREDIBLE you are!!?? Take it to heart, my dear! You truly are amazing and should be reminded ALL the time! I wish I could meet you and knew you in person! Trish Taylor


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