Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fashion Fun

A little while ago my good friend Sue visited Brisbane so I headed south on the train and we spent a couple of great hours together - chatting, shopping and this!

We walked across the bridge to the State Library and GOMA - the Gallery of Modern Art and found this exhibition celebrating twenty years of two Brisbane designers Easton Pearson. The most fun part was in the children's education area (we didn't have any children with us, but still felt we could join in) where you could play with different photos of fabrics that the design duo use, a couple of different styles of clothing and put them all together on these templates and stand them up as part of an ongoing exhibition. We had fun!

The two girls side by side are ours; the others belong to the ongoing exhibition/display.

Clearly you didn't have to be a grown up to do this - the last photo is the proof.

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