Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Remembering Peace is every step

It's funny I should be posting about this beautiful new book I made in the past few days given that I really need to be reminded to believe in the words I used. It has been quite a week and as I said to somebody today -sorry, but I am really up to my "ear balls" this week!

I flew to Sydney to work - started at 1pm and finished at midnight then got up and did another half day - then flew back to Brisbane and instead of a 1.5 hours trip home got caught in a mess of traffic and it took 3 hours. There is plenty to blog about since then - hearing Andy Goldsworthy speak, playing in my studio with Sue rusting paper, salting ink and so on; openings attended and then a couple of commissions to finish, entries to finalise, dealing with no phone/internet/email for 48 hours, then having the car battery die and leaving us stranded twice, having a report to write, a crown fitted at the dentist and dinner for 8 to deliver tomorrow night!

Hence the need to remind myself that peace is every step. This is my entry to the Libris Awards in Mackay, QLD, managed to send it off yesterday in amongst it all (thanks Barry). I enjoy making metal books and using peaceful words within them; the contrasts are strong yet I like that the strength of metal supports the message - it will remain not disappear. This is the third in the series...see the first here. This one uses recycled copper - I love the patina - and is stitched with waxed linen thread.


  1. Deep beathing, Fiona, deep breathing. Slow down girl and smell the roses.

    Mike in New York

  2. Thanks Mike

    Today is a calmer more reflective day...with peace in every step



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