Thursday, December 10, 2009

Timber books

The production line has been in full force as the weekend market gets closer! I had asked David Linton if he could cut me some timber for book covers as I liked the idea of timber and paper coming together, the same element in different forms.

I collected them on Saturday and have been ripping paper and stitching ever since. Along with some hand decorated and hand stitched journals, I have been making these beautiful timber ones; some on tapes, some link-stitched to the covers.

Here are four; there are six now and the pile of books is growing - hopefully something for everyone? The market is just another one of those challenges, steps forward you take - testing if there is a 'market' for hand made journals; seeing if I enjoy the whole production and selling experience. It's all new and different; and in the end life's about trying things and having a here we go!

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