Thursday, December 3, 2009

A month of mountain mornings

I mentioned previously that I belong to COMA and that we have a group exhibition opening at Maleny Artworks on Saturday 12 December.

We delivered our pieces to Ken today and I am happy with the quirky nature of mine. Interesting how quirky continues to appear in my work and appeal!

Some people say the view to the mountains from this block is a different postcard every day. My challenge was to photograph the mountains every morning to record the changing moods and colours. I chose to present the images in a book form – but one which reflects the original grid we all chose from. I like the idea that this book could be repeated over and over again and always be different.

I also love that it is so interactive - it appears folded up, flat out, turned over and in strange permutations. I used 32 photographs to create my double-sided book; and of course, then had to make two books using different parts of the same photograph; luckily Ken let me enter them both!

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