Thursday, December 31, 2009


The last day of the year finds Barry and I doing one of our little rituals. A few years (or a lifetime) ago when we were busy executive types we just ran out of time for Christmas cards. We started our own tradition that year of sending New Year cards instead. Not only does it take a load off in the lead up; but focuses us on wishes for happiness in the year ahead for our family and friends.

So today we both began making our cards (also a nice way to spend those sometimes odd days in between). In a moment of *madness* Barry went for white on white embossing, which has nothing to do with timber, rust or copper; whilst I stuck with a simple square and coloured design.

Barry embossed his on our printing press using a cut out plastic milk container template (and was apparently very pleased with the ragged edge look which he retained throughout).

I used a similar template to draw 4 squares, wrote the numbers and the Happy and then used watercolour pencils and water to colour in the boxes. I don't think I repeated any colour combination, and now we just have to sit and write to folk.

So as 2009 disappears and 2010 appears, my wish is for peace and happiness; health and harmony; fun times with families and friends; and many magic moments of creativity.

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