Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am just a little bit in love with type. The old fashioned letter press type that is; and would dearly love to discover a letterpress nearby. We hope to do a course in February but in the meantime I just get to play with this alphabet of wooden type we bought in Paris.

All the letters belong to different alphabets which I like to think were used for Parisian broadsheets advertising the Moulin Rouge and so forth, but as I scrambled through the bins of type(!) I just wanted a complete alphabet; so in muddled French I expressed my hope and voilĂ  we made up an alphabet. This picture is one of my ideas of heaven...

I used the type in an artists books called "Postcards home" in which I wrote the names of places we have visited in the recent past and made them into postcards. Because I only have one of each letter I could only write places that didn't repeat a letter! So no Melbourne, London, Glasgow, HongKong or so on. Here are a couple of the places I could use. One day I'll even ink them up somehow and print.

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