Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 favourites

I know that lists are ubiquitous this time of year - but if you're like me and love a list; then that's a fine thing! It has been a creative and successful year for me in many ways - so many opportunities to make things; lots of experimenting; lots of finding out what I really love and occasionally what sells.

I have enjoyed putting together my 10 favourite pieces (of my own work) for the year as I looked back through photos and remembered how they looked and how they made me feel. Most of them have gone to other homes so its nice to reflect on them, even if I can't see them again.

I smiled when I looked at the final selections - white on white as ever; simplicity; peace and gentleness; nearly all books; and most with words that matter to me.

This list is in alphabetical order only as I seriously couldn't play favourites!

1. Artemis - poem by Robyn Nugent

2. Cloisters of Iona (collaboration with Barry Smith)

3. Echoes of Edinburgh

4. Floral happiness - partial image

5. I come to quiet knowings...

6. Peace in your pocket...

7. Peace is every step

8. Phrases of the Moon - poetry by Robyn Nugent

9. Shine

10. Silences - poetry by Gershon Holtz

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