Sunday, December 6, 2009

Risky rusting

Last weekend my friend Sue visited and I introduced her to rusting paper. It was hot and we worked outside on the back deck. We figured we had enough time before a major storm hit, but we kept an eye on the wind and the weather as we worked.

We had just about finished when we thought the world ended. A lightning bolt hit our block about 50m from where we stood. The world went white and made an enormous noise, and I saw the bolt come down in front of our neighbour's trees. I think we both screamed. It was eery afterwards - silent, but thinking the thunder must happen now; but of course it had happened simultaneously. Lucky we weren't holding any metal!

A few shots of the fun in the pre-storm and some finished pieces.

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  1. Loved the fact that you and your friend were so passionate about rusting that you were willing to risk the storm - true artists???


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