Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas box

I have made a few gifts this year for Christmas so can't show many of them until they have been received and opened. I can however show this one because my dear friend couldn't wait until Christmas to open it!

He is a collector of Tibetan art and earlier in the year showed me this beautiful set of Tsakli cards he had received. Tsakli are Tibetan initiation cards which usually involve a drawing/painting on one side and some calligraphy on the reverse. I thought at the time they deserved a box for safekeeping so we took some measurements and I came home and ages later made a box and popped it in the post.

Here is an example of the tsakli with measuring tape and shadows (it was after dinner & wine after all); and some images of the finished box. The good news is the box works - the tsaklis fit and all is well! The box is decorated with some Buddha figures we found in Thailand and brought home and gilded ever so slightly with gold leaf.

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