Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Tidyings

Well it feels like a positive start to the new year as I have managed to not only tidy up the bathroom cupboards, but also my paper cupboard. We recently bought some shelving in the raw, and edged it yesterday by ironing on this stuff (technical term),and then Barry trimmed it all down today.

This encouraged me to get in and sort out the paper cupboard - am now wishing I did a before and after shot, but never mind. We had to take the doors off in order to get the new shelves in; but now I have eight more shelves than before!

I sorted the shelves and paper into some categories that make sense to me:

1. mat board and foam core (not shown in photo)
2. sewing stuff, butcher's and tissue paper
3. packs of ready cut paper
4. hard paper
5. soft paper
6. light paper
7. lace paper
8. patterned paper
9. wrapping paper
10. Canson Mi teintes
11.Fabriano Rosapina and Arches Velin
12. Somerset
13. Hannemuhle
14. Random good paper
15. Glassine paper and tracing paper
16. Blotting paper and cardboard scraps
17. Braille paper and rusted paper
18. Grey board
19. Leather

Now let's see just how long this tidy-look lasts!


  1. Oh, Fiona. Now you've done it! The new year has barely begun and already I've found myself coveting my neighbor's property! LOL!!

    That is awesome!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Wow....VERY impressive, Fiona. Nothing like tidy cupboards to get 2010 off to a good start. well done. xoxox

  3. Thanks Kim and Noela - yes a remarkably good feeling to at least *start* the year tidily! I have random, intermittent, episodic fits of tidying...
    and I must admit the paper cupboard is my favourite indulgence.


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