Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Practising Peace

I read a post on cyberscribes recently that really inspired me to pickup coloured pencils again. Donna Livingstone did this beautiful, simple, elegant piece using coloured pencils and I was reminded of how much I enjoy these oft-neglected tools.

I had a window of about 20 minutes yesterday after cleaning the studio and before preparing dinner, arranging visits with my niece and her grandmother and heading out to a picnic, so I grabbed my pencils and a scrap of Canson Mi teintes and just wrote two practice "peaces".

I like the idea of peace coming out of the negative space - of kind of always being there but needing help to emerge or be seen.  I just drew some weird letter shapes and waited to see what would emerge.

I then got colourful and free and felt wonderful as I played with the bright swirliness of this peace.  I hope to do some proper pieces to send to Mike very soon.

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