Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 4

Clearly I need this project. No other creativity has occurred through the week - unless you count reading some lovely books Noela loaned us; or receiving two new journals (Letter Arts Review and Bound and Lettered).

So despite feeling a bit wrecked/exhausted I headed down to the studio yesterday to tackle my "D". I have engraved into perspex before but haven't really used sandpaper to create an image; so I drew the letter onto contact, cut it out,  and stuck it on the perspex.  I then used a fine sand paper to sand the front of the piece - taking care not to lift the edges of the contact.  I tried a few things to get closer to the edge of the contact in order to make the letter the same size as I cut, but regardless of what I tried, there was a fair bit of room between where the sanding finished and where the letter started.

I pondered if I should cut the letter out of the contact and sand the shape of the letter instead; or should I draw the letter backwards and stick it on the back so the top surface is smooth...all those design decisions.  In the end I liked that it has the textured surface on top and that the letter is kind of the negative space.

Difficult++ to photograph!!!

To see what others are up to - got to the new blog A Letter A Week 2010 and enjoy the fun.


  1. Fi
    dees are always hard !!!!!
    cheers Ken

  2. Well done. Fi - you have achieved EXACTLY what you started out doing with this one- ie creating and solving technical and aesthetic alphabetical challenges :)


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