Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 2

It has been an interesting week with people joining the challenge from all over - a real mix of calligraphers, ceramicists, metal workers, mixed media artists, photographers... so I think it will be fascinating to observe the evolution.

I am confident that I am doing one alphabet experimenting with different media. To try and keep a sense of unity however, I have chosen to do each letter as a Roman Capital - but to vary the materials and methods I use.

Today I took to the timber with the 'hot poker' - a tool I have never picked up nor used before. It was fun learning how to move it; how much pressure to use; and to see the different effects I could achieve. Here is the resultant 'B'!


  1. Hey Feee
    can I join "the letter a week" project please ...
    Mieke talked me into it !!!!
    I have a great idea - wont have a product until March though - have to build - fire - glaze - fire etc ... all takes time but once the routine digs in I'll have a letter a week going - no worries mate ...
    sounds like a load of fun ....
    cheers - Ken

  2. OK OK OK - would love to have more ceramicists! I'll send you the stuff separately and you are given permission to miss the February showing - but we look forward to March!!




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