Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School holiday calligraphy

I love my local library so when I was asked to teach calligraphy as part of the school holiday program of course I said yes. Of course, seeing as I've never taught children before and didn't really know where they would be up to...

I said a maximum of 6, they booked in 8 then 9 showed up so we were in the thick of it early!

On top of that 4/9 of the children were left handed! Did I mention I have never taught a left handed person before either? LOL!

But we had fun - we practised with Pilot Parallel pens or markers for the lefties, making thick and thins, and patterns and then words and then wrote a name and decorated it on a book mark which we laminated. We had a mixed bag of ages 6-14 which added to the delightful and colourful mix. Here are some shots of the fun that was had.

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  1. lucky me - my daughter (off to kindy in a couple of weeks time) is a leftie - lucky you she wasn't part of the overly represented lefties crew of had to deal with!

    at least they looked like they enjoyed themselves

    cheers from the creek x


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