Monday, November 9, 2009

The thoughts behind the art

I am in a bit of a hiatus at the moment - a couple of big pieces of work-work to get thru, a trip to Melbourne and then I can re-focus on all the lovely bits of books and art that are in my head.

In the interim I thought I would simply share the thoughts behind the exhibition. It was called "In the stillness..." and Barry created several series of works - meditation bowls, incense burners and fonts from recycled metals that worked towards that theme. My calligraphic pieces, prints, books and paper work were joined by this thinking which appeared as my artist's statement...

I respond to quiet art. I like work that doesn’t shout; work that is calm and quietly draws you in and asks you to spend some time with it. This is in part why I love artists books - books allow the viewer to be intimate with the work; to have a one on one experience and to be drawn into the artist’s world, often quietly and slowly.

This series of works includes a small number of artists books as well as a larger number of wall pieces. With these works I have reflected what happens for me when I stop and am still and am quiet; as well as my desire to promote peace in small and everyday ways. Some of the works involve inspirational words that can remind us of our potential; reminders which often come when being still or quiet allows them in.

My love of books and words and text mean I often express these sentiments, thoughts and desires through calligraphic means and in this exhibition I have used a range of materials and forms to produce the written word. My prints suggest the tranquillity that serene landscapes offer; for when we stop and celebrate the beauty of small moments and recognise the wonder of the world, our spirits are nourished.

Being. Being still. Being quiet. Being peace.

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  1. Just wanted to say I love the very thoughtful way you approach your art.


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