Saturday, November 21, 2009

Student art exhibtion

We travelled to Brisbane thru the week to attend my niece Emily's Year 12 Graduation exhibition. The students did a major art piece,and then had to make an artists book to accompany it. There was such variety and talent around, and I love that they got to explore the book medium in all its wonderful permutations.

I think Emily is very skilled with watercolour and has great control of the medium. I liked how she used her mock up drafts in her book; and even more I loved that she used a binding we had done together in a studio day here, and used rough brown string instead of toothpicks or skewers - taking an idea to a new dimension.

Her main work was woven and hung and also used some tea bags we had done some mixed media work with, so it was lovely to have the connections to her final pieces.

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