Friday, February 12, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 6

This week is better paced and I seem to have time to get to my letters.  Here is "F" from the experimental alphabet.  This is the second attempt.

Firstly I tried to cut an F out of a white mesh/lace paper and glue it to black - it didn't work.  I still wanted to experiment with the cut out letter thing, so I got some heavy blackish Thai paper and then thought - how would black cut out on black work?  Thought again - probably not all that well.

I then decided to write a series of small Fs in copper metallic pen on the thin black paper and then cut out the Roman Capital F from the thick blackish paper.  I think it ended up looking like leopard skin kind of!

Very happy to have attempted this - just another little experiment.

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  1. Hi Fiona,
    This is a great one! I've been working on my letters, too-it's so much FUN!


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