Monday, February 22, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 8

Well talk about H in a hurry.  Life can be chaotic and somewhat out of control at times; so I just had to rush through this one. Initially I had wanted to do a transfer onto aluminium but my printer didn't give enough "charcoal" to transfer; so then I tried to just write on aluminium with what I thought was permanent ink - a day or two later it rubbed off nicely thank you.  Then I thought about etching into some metal (but forgot to ask my friend for the acid supplier) so parked that idea for now; then I thought I might do some drypoint scratching into aluminium - but time was short and my patience low, so figured that this might not be the time.

So what did do? I used some sheet metal, 'painted' it with a nice grey oil pastel, put copper leaf over the top and used a bodkin type thing to work swiftly and pull away the copper - trying to keep the letter free without ripping off half the copper. Challenging but quick!

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