Saturday, February 13, 2010

Words for Peace 2010 - all done!!

It feels good to have completed these - this one took forever.  I drew a rectangle and then worked with dividing lines and curves to organise the space.  I was initially thinking of a stained glass effect and that these lines would be black, like on the windows.

I then wrote peace in big block capitals - nothing fancy at all - and started to colour in the spaces.  I used 9 coloured pencils and it was an interesting challenge to keep the colour, size, location and shape balances right.

In the end I chose not to write the letters in black; nor to do the lines in black.  I chose instead to leave the colour of the paper showing through and again remind myself that peace lies behind what we do; it emerges from chaos and is always there in our lives if we can look for it.

These four will be popped in the post along with Barry's great effort here.

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