Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Words for Peace 2010 - one done!

It was raining on the mountain over the weekend so I got the chance to hit the studio and get stuck into these Words or Peace bits for Mike.  In the end the piece of paper I used was perfect for three broadsides that have to be 20 inches x 5 inches.

This suited my layering of the text "Every step is Peace" and so I wrote over and over and then cut the paper into the right sizes.

I finished with a single red 'peace' on each.  Once the other piece is finished, they will wing their way to America to join the show there. I think the plan is that four will be stitched together like a lantern (hopefully these three will be spread thru quite a few) and the lanterns hung from the ceiling in gorgeous display of colour and peace.

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  1. Just love this - the little red word peace takes your eye right into it.


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