Friday, March 12, 2010

Abstract calligraphic art - Rosalie

I think I'm about to go on a bit of a wander and try to pull together some thoughts and images on what I think about as abstract calligraphic art - art that uses words, letters, text as a base or a key element; yet is not proper calligraphy.  This has been gnawing at me for a while so I figure I need to explore it.

I came across some images of Rosalie Gascoigne's work in the newspaper today and they reminded me how much I respond to her works. The ones that use text, provided the initial way into her work for me. I am seriously enamoured of most of her work now; but the letters and the texts drew me in first.

Using broken up script from road signs or crates, these pieces nearly always hint, tempting the viewer to try to read the words and make some sort of literary sense of the work, providing clues only, not an answer. Rosalie loved language, poetry and writing and her works reflect this. She also had a wonderful eye for balance and patterns, producing harmonious pieces.

A number of pieces from different exhibitions can be found here.

Text, 1992

Sweet Lovers, 1990


  1. I am familiar with Rosalie's work, but I have never seen these images, so thanks!

  2. F I think the idea of text as image and the natural action of the eye and mind to want to find words is interesting - the combo certainly gets one to look more closely at the piece. B

  3. F. I'm a keen admirer of Rosalie, some pieces I'm working on at present are very influenced by her works. I'd be interested in knowing which paper she was in. K

  4. Hi Kim

    It was just Friday's Australian - a piece of hers was up for auction I think. I recalled going to her respective in melbourne last year and being totally overwhelmed and stunned to think that I was there, in the room with her works which I love so much. Love it when art moves you so...



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