Saturday, March 6, 2010

Golden abstract alphabet

As promised, this is how I first used this alphabet.  This is a long scroll with Japanese cards that slot into tabs on the front of the scroll. I made 12 cards and there are 7 tabs, so you can choose the words you have on display, and move them around. I do love interactive art!

I made it for an artists' book exhibition and it now happily resides at my cousin's house.

I think in the end, it is pretty legible - there is enough commonality with an ordinary alphabet that your brain does the tiny little jiggle it needs to do to interpret a letter here or there and make sense of what you see.


  1. I love this scroll and the way the words can be rotated and changed. Your alphabet is fun and playful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jo - it was an opportunity to break out a bit and do something original, rathe than just copying/building on existing scripts. I also love the way it can be played with - there's something about being able to move art around and change it that I love .


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