Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 9

The alphabet continues and I'm just getting this one done in time for the  week.  I wanted to try and do a mono-print as part of my exploration and decided that "I" was the perfect letter to try it with.  At least I could pretty much write an "I" and have it print reversed without being too tricky - the thought of writing an "S" backwards so that it would print the right way and still look good was too daunting so I thought I should grab the moment with the"I".

I fiddled a bit with rolling out ink and trying to get the right consistency to draw into it and still have enough ink to print a back ground with. Tried lots of tools and ended up using a blunt carpenter's pencil - it took a fair bit of ink off. I then placed some Canson paper on top of it and rubbed it gently with a bamboo baren as I didn't want to push too much background ink back into the scraped off letter bits. I love all this learning!

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