Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 10

This week's letter has been a bit more like calligraphic doodling and playing rather than attempting to explore unfamiliar mediums. I got this simple idea from a book I bought recently "Calligraphy A Book of Contemporary Inspiration by Denise Lach (of Switzerland).

I will post more about the book and her work another time...but for now I used what I have always called a music pen - but not everybody does.  It is a pen with five mini - nibs which produces five parallel lines (hence my thoughts re music). I chose to write the letter "O" with this nib over and over again - about 6 rows of 5 "O"s; then turned my square 90 degrees and did the same again - so the "O"s overlapped and produced the background pattern for my "J". I love patterns.

I am thinking I will mount my experimental alphabet so it looks something like a sampler and expect that this little red number might provide a little focal point.

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