Sunday, June 19, 2011

Australian Book Arts Journal

I received another nice piece of publication news this week when our copies of the Australian Book Arts Journal appeared in the PO Box.

Editor Linda Douglas has included a brief article on me and my work in this bumper edition themed "Paper: the Connecting thread". My article is titled "In praise of paper and thread" and I wrote about how much I love and admire paper - it's paradoxes of strength and fragility - and its multiplicity of uses. The article also gave me the chance to talk about my embroidery on paper and how it has become a favourite way of bringing two things I love (hand stitching and paper) together - "Embroidering on paper transforms the paper, and makes it even more tactile as the threads sit upon its surface".

Three of my books are featured, with a colour shot of the embroidered heartbeat sampler book I made for A Letter a Week last year on the inside front cover. Each book brings thread together with paper as a key design element and not simply as part of the binding.

Thank you Linda for producing an Australian book arts journal and providing Australian artists with the opportunity to tell their story...

The journal appears every four months and a subscription is a great way to stay connected to the book arts world in Australia, and to get to hold and feel a REAL book is such a good thing to do (not just view it in part on line). For subscriptions head here.

©2011 Linda Douglas - ABAJ Issue 5
©2011 Linda Douglas - ABAJ Fiona Dempster  In Praise of Paper and Thread
©2011 Linda Douglas - ABAJ inside front cover


  1. Wow, fantastic news, well done Fiona. I have also begun to hand stitch in preference to the machine - time consuming but more satisfying - must be something to do with 'wabisabi'. xoxoxox

  2. Congratulations on having your writing and arts featured. Care to share the article with a non-Aussie? I'd love to read what you wrote.

  3. Bravo Fiona. Very satisfying to have your work published... and deservedly so.

  4. oh, super, fiona. wish i could see the journal. i just found the cbbag journal and it's very fine.

  5. Congratulations Fiona. Although we 'overseas' followers can't get to read the journal at least we get your wise words via another source! Lesley

  6. Thanks N- yes its such a meditative thing to do hand-stitching isn't it?

    Thanks Jennifer - it's nice to see your thoughts in print!

    Jo - many thanks!

    Velma - thank you, it's great to come across good journals which celebrate the arts and the people.

    Lesley - thank you; its fun to share the successes and nice to think you come across wise words here sometimes! Go well.

  7. Good news indeed - can never get enough of it, eh? I am so happy to see both your work and your reflections on it so nicely featured!

  8. G/TT - thanks for the kind wishes and thoughts; it's nice to see thoughts and pieces together in print.


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