Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.
Paul Strand

How true this is - the way of the artist is surely a way of being, a way of seeing and of experiencing the world. Inspiration is available in moments, conversations, the air around us and in the most mundane of daily activities. If our eyes, ears, and hearts are open and we are willing to see, feel or listen.

I find inspiration in the calm and peacefulness I experience here on our mountain top as I gaze across the valley. We often come across inspiration on our daily walks - leaves, sticks, light. We can visit a garbage dump and find old and worn things that inspire us.

I even sometimes find it sitting in my studio!

I like that we don't have to buy this inspiration; we don't have to fly off somewhere to find it and we don't have to negotiate with anybody to access it. Its ours if we choose to spend time in the right way for it to appear and become apparent.

The artist's world is indeed limitless. Enjoy and celebrate I say, for we are fortunate folk.

©2011 Fiona Dempster grass in Umbakumba


  1. So true. And so eloquently stated.

  2. Yes! Very true and well said. Thank you!

  3. A thought worth pondering Fiona. So often we overlook what's right in front of us.

  4. So true and expressed in such true and direct manner.
    So very evident that you speak from your heart!

  5. Thanks Jennifer - sometimes the truth is simply there isn't it?

    Jane - thanks it's good to know others feel the same way

    Jo - thank you; I think at times we can all be frustrated and miss that the simple things in front of us can help light our path...

    Thanks Anna - Yep - it's there in front of us and all we have to do is look, listen, be open...easy to miss it tho at times!!

  6. This is so true, Fiona! Some of my best photos have been taken mere steps away from my own home, simply because I began walking with camera ready and eyes, mind and heart open! Thanks for this reminder of a simple truth that can never be stated often enough!


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