Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2 at Buderim

Here we are at the end of a what felt like a whirlwind day. The group worked so hard, concentrated for so long and remained tenacious and persistent to the end!

As a result, they were rewarded with a finished book with their beautiful calligraphy inside. It certainly feels good to have folk going home from a workshop with a beautiful finished piece and I was so proud of what they all achieved.

I was a bit worried last night that some of them were feeling a bit scared or intimidated by the thought of the binding, so quickly printed off a heap of extra Japanese stab binding instructions just in case. But they all took on the challenge and we started by making our covers. Tick, no one was too worried about that part which was good. Then we sat and bound a small square book - made of mat-board pages.  This gave everybody the chance to practice and get a feel for it; without worrying they were going to ruin their pages with their first attempt.

This is my sample book, for each of them, theirs also acts as reminder of what they did/ how they did it as in some cases I expect their final pieces will be given as gifts as they are so beautiful.

We all worked so hard I only managed to get two photos, and I quickly nabbed these towards the end - so not everybody's book is included.

Thanks to John, Jenne, Noreen, Julie, Helen, Freda, Yvonne and Helen for the use of these images.

The stitching on them was exquisite - lined up, regular and beautiful, and the binding made each book seem so precious.

Thanks again to the Calligraphy Group at Buderim Craft Cottage for inviting me to teach; and for being such willing, enthusiastic and persistent participants! I hope you all sleep well tonight and don't dream of linking back and coming out between the pages and the stitches....


  1. Fabulous, tangible mementos of what looks like an exhilirating workshop. Seriously envious!

  2. Looks like the workshop was a great success. Well done Fiona.

  3. great outcomes - well done everyone!

  4. It's a wonderful thing to make a book - whatever the contents, they are somehow made into something treasured by binding them together in such a lovely way! Great job teaching, F!

  5. Lesley - like your horse; it's great to go with a finished something!

    Thanks Jo - we were all tired; but happy tired I hope.

    Ronnie - you're right they were great!

    G/TT - Yes there is magic in making a book - what started out as a plain sheet of paper is transformed and tells a story of its own and the maker - wow!

  6. teach me - teach me - ....please??


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