Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Brush with Silence... Japan

©2009 Fiona Dempster. Calligraphers tools - Tatebayashi Japan
I spent the half hour it takes to watch the video below turning my head this way and that, marvelling at the beauty of the scene, the setting, and the lettering that was appearing.

Modern, traditional, Japanese, Roman capitals, gestural writing, brushes, nibs, ruling pens - such beautiful expressions of language. The mastery each of these calligraphers has is exquisite to observe and has reminded me once again why I love lettering!

I picked this video up in a thread from cyberscribes - an international lettering group, and thought non-calligraphers might also enjoy the moments of beauty....

                                    文字書く人たち from Japan Letter Arts Forum on Vimeo.


  1. Very peaceful to watch. I enjoyed seeing the tools of the trade as well as the different styles of calligraphy. The abstract brush gestures/drawings intrigued me the most.

  2. I stand in absolute awe of the discipline and talent involved and the beauty of both the work, the space and the movements. Only wish there was translations so I could hear the artist's thoughts. Thank you so much for finding and sharing this

  3. Fiona,
    I've bookmarked this to watch later as I suspect it will be a treat. I aim to get myself settled with a cuppa and absorb it all. Thank you... in advance!

  4. Well THAT's the most contemplative 1/2 hour I've spent lately. Thanks Fiona. Such amazing control, particularly with some of those gorgeous flourishes of the pen, or brush.

  5. Robyn - true artists/masters at work wasn't it? And those gestural marks - make my heart sing!

    Helen - it was amazing wasn't it? I am in total awe - such control and mastery but such emotion as well.

    Wanda - thank you for stopping by and commenting! It was truly amazing wasn't it? Peaceful and gentle, yet so full of energy and wonder...

    Hi Lesley - I think you'll enjoy it when you get a moment...

    Hi Jo - so aptly put. Totally contemplative and mindful; yet so flowing... glad you enjoyed!


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