Monday, September 19, 2011

Travel Lines

We are well on the way to having all the bits and pieces together for our exhibition Light and Lines at Hand Held Gallery in October.

I had been thinking about what to do with some small wall pieces I had made for an earlier exhibition. They were lovely and intimate; but I wasn't sure they were ever going to sell or find new homes.  In the end I decided that I am mostly an object person, rather than a wall-piece person.  I thought that whilst the look of them suited me; the style of them didn't, if that makes any sense.

So, I took them out of their frames (with Barry's help) and re-made them into a book. I had to get a couple more pieces of mat board cut for covers but in the end it has turned out to be a nice sturdy book, which feels good as you turn the pages.

Many folk will recognise the pieces, and I hope you think they look OK in their new format.  It's a bit like recycling I guess...

The cover is the wordless piece; and I added a rusted washer...

I glued the mat board pieces back to back to make sturdy pages, and used a single page binding...two tones!

I interleaved the sturdy pages with some of my favourite rusted braille pages...

Which I reinforced on one side...

And just because I love it so...a close up of the cover piece...

The main technique is incense-burned holes in the pages of an old book, covered with used teabags and encaustic-ed (I know, it's a noun not  a verb, but I still like to think about it as a verb!).


  1. Fiona - I most definitely approve of this reformatting! There is such a difference between objects and wall pieces, and I am so glad you got these works off the wall and into book form. Lovely!

  2. If this is recycling I'm all for it! What a wonderful piece Fiona.

  3. This is beautiful! I'm really sad that we won't still be in Melb for your exhibition.
    Do you have any work in HandHeld at the moment?

  4. What a great idea - works beautifully - more intimate and accessible xoxo

  5. I remember loving these incense burned pages when you first did them. They looked good then and they look even better now. That book looks so wonderfully chunky and tactile. A winning format Fiona.

  6. Wow - I'd love to be turning each of these pages. I think you made the right decision. Love your new verb!!

  7. G/Tt - Thanks! I'm glad you like it this way. At the Open Studio I kept talking about how much I love to hold things in the hand, not just look at them on walls, so it's good that I did just that!

    Thanks Jo -perhaps its re-use more than recycle, not sure, but I'm happy they get another life!

    Hi Amanda yes our timing's just a wee bit out! Never mind - have a lovely time soaking up all the Melbourne loveliness.

    Glad you like it N - yes intimate and accessible; just how I like my work to be!

    Thanks Annie - it is strong and feels good. And don't you think we should all be allowed to make a new word once a week or so!?!?!

  8. These are just beautiful Fiona! Funny how we know that we are "wall" people (2d) or object people (3d)....I'm still struggling to have it all and be it all. LOVE these beautiful books!

  9. I love the incense burned page.

  10. Thanks Patti - It is funny and I do know I am happiest doing 3-D things you can hold; altho I often imagine beautiful wall artworks. Some of them are me; some are not in the end.

    Teri - thank you! The burnt pages are wonderful I think - something about mystery. You know there were word, you wonder what they said; it looks like a whole new language and so we go...


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